Advertising on Google AdWords

Google AdWords offers you the opportunity to appear, in a matter of hours, on the first page of Google with an ad. This will allow you to reach your potential customers and increase visits to your website quickly and efficiently. With AdWords, you will reach a very large potential market, since 95% of internet users search on Google. At SHAKE-IT MARKETING we can help you create effective and profitable AdWords campaigns. We will create a personalized and tailor-made campaign for you, with total budget control.


What is Google AdWords?

The position in the Google AdWords advertising search network is determined by two factors: the bid on the keyword (what we are willing to pay for a click on an ad) and the quality of the campaign. SHAKE-IT MARKETING provides the optimal balance between bid and ad position. By using relevant keywords, we make sure that you increase the probability of conversion. A conversion can be Filling out a contact form, a purchase in a store or subscribing to a newsletter. Another way to reach your target audience is through the Google Display Network. This allows you to reach your potential customers with display ads (banners) and on different websites. Ads on the Google Display Network are generally used for brand awareness campaigns.

Google AdWords Costs and Payments

With Google AdWords, you only pay when you actually get visitors. This means that if a user sees an ad but does not visit 
your website, you do not pay. Only if someone clicks on your text ad, you pay a certain amount. At SHAKE-IT MARKETING we ensure transparency because you yourself are the owner of your AdWords account. So you also pay Google directly for the investment made in Google AdWords so there will be no surprises. With SHAKE-IT MARKETING you pay a fixed amount per month for the management and optimization of AdWords campaigns.


Text ads in Google AdWords


Text ads are ads that appear with an "Ad" mark in Google results. These are very important for a successful Google AdWords campaign. At SHAKE-IT MARKETING we create multiple texts and ads to later activate them in the different campaigns. Thus, we can determine which ads work best for each campaign. Of course, you (the client) determine the message, and we make sure that Google AdWords campaigns are effective.


Facts and Data about Google AdWords

  • More than 95% of Internet users search on Google.
  • 35% of these users click on AdWords ads.
  • Millions of Internet users around the world.
  • Thousands of successful companies advertising Google AdWords


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Some Tips and Tricks to get started with Google AdWords


  • Use different text ads for each Google AdWords campaign.
  • Use Google AdWords regional or local targeting.
  • Schedule your ads based on the time of day or day of the week that works best for you.
  • Adjust and remove "bad" quality keywords in Google AdWords campaigns
  • Remove keywords with a low CTR (<0.5%) in your AdWords campaigns.
  • Create different ad groups for different products and services.
  • Use the conversion optimization tool to optimally manage
  • Maintain and regularly change your Google AdWords campaigns.


What can SHAKE-IT MARKETING do for your business?

At SHAKE-IT MARKETING we have been managing online marketing campaigns for SMEs and large companies since 2009. We currently manage hundreds of campaigns for a wide range of clients. Our accumulated experience in many different sectors allows us to adapt and be able to configure, create and optimize effective campaigns for our clients.


SHAKE-IT MARKETING is distinguished by:


  • The management of AdWords Campaigns is carried out by professionals certified by Google.
  • Extensive hands-on experience with AdWords campaigns from various industries.
  • accessibility and flexibility.
  • Data analysis with Google Analytics and by qualified personnel.
  • Campaign management focused on conversion / sales results and profitability .
  • Monthly reports with a clear vision of improvement and optimization.


If you do not have time to do all this or if it does not go with you, we advise you to have it done by a certified company such as SHAKE-IT MARKETING.

Only then can you get the most out of your Google AdWords budget.


We have demonstrated that we have advanced knowledge of Google's advertising products, which has allowed us to generate profitable results for our clients. 

We are Google Partners and we know how to create, manage, measure and optimize Google Ads advertising products in the most effective way. 

Do not hesitate and contact us for a consultation without commitment